First Post

So here it is. What to do with myself. Today is one of those boring day that a person can’t think of anything to do. People tend to do crazy things on days like today. Like jumping off bridges into a river, although they don’t know how to swim very well. Those are the brave, and sometimes stupid ones. They’re the people who have friends that can talk them into doing stupid things. As for me, I have no friends. I’m a 27 year old, married, college student. I’m one of those people who have a hard time finding motivation in life. I don’t want the things that “normal” people want. I don’t care to find a dream job, buy a house, and retire when I’m too old to work anymore. I don’t find passion in anything aside from my wife. She’s the only thing that has kept me together over the last five years. I’ve gone from job to job, eventually tiring of one and moving on to another. The so called, “American¬† Dream” doesn’t seem to suit me. The problem is that nothing seems to suit me. I decided to go back to college, five years after getting my Associate in Arts degree. I’ve already changed majors three times, history, anthropology, and now Computer Science. I don’t know what I’m really trying to accomplish by start a blog, what is there to really blog about, my life? I don’t know if anyone would really be interested in reading about the struggles of an Non-traditional (old) college student. Really, this is just for me and if people feel like reading about it, that’s okay.

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